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Our website provides FREE, real-time GPS tracking service for anyone around the world. With our help, you can easily track your company’s fleet, vehicles, or you can protect your loved ones and valuables. We are constantly working on unique methods that aim to enable anyone to install and setup a tracking device within a few minutes. Our service is completely free even if you did not buy your GPS device from us. If you do not have any theoretical or practical experience about the operation of tracking devices, please look at our „Beginners’ Guide” which is a short and simple summary of the most important information. To download it, click HERE.

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GPS Tracker Features

  1. Track Your Mobile / GPS Tracker for Free for Life Time
  2. Set Multiple GEO Fence Alerts
  3. Upload Photo in any Emergency Situation
  4. SOS Alerts
  5. Idle Alerts
  6. Over Speed Alerts
  7. Know how many miles/kms you moved or travelled.
  8. Download drive reports.
  9. Add unlimited multiple accounts for tracking.
  10. Works anywhere in the world.
  11. Live track minute to minute update.
  12. Track your Vechiles, Persons, Pets with PC, Mobile and Tablet.
  13. Get Free Alerts by Email and SMS of Engine Service, Driver lisence validity , Pollution Certificate , Insurance Certificate ,National permit expiry, Tyre rotation, Engine service alert etc.


  1. Lowest Price
  2. Free Service. No any Monthly rentals
  3. Free MySchool Bus App -  Customized School Logo
  4. Free BookMyTaxi App – Customized Client Logo
  5. Providing FREE Service on FREE GPS Server & Mobile SPY
  6. Providing 11 Android useful applications - Totally Free of Cost
  7. Providing Desktop application  -  Totally Free of Cost
  8. 2 Years Warranty on all Tracker Units & 3 Months warranty on Battery
  9. 1st GPS Website in India , to provide sales by CC Avenue Payment Gateway, Cash On Delivery Service. Highest Web Traffic as per Rank

How GPS Works

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